Linking Words or Phrases

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In my opinion/view

To my mind

To my way thinking,

Iam convinced that

It Strikes me that

It is my firm belief that,

I am inclined to believe that

It seems to me that

As far as I am concerned

I think that

One advantage of

Another (dis)advantage of

One other (dis)advantage of

A further (dis)advantage of

The main (dis)advantage

The greatest (dis)advantage of

The first (dis)advantage of

-List points/view

First, to start / First, Begin with / First of all

Secondly, after (this/that) / Afterwards / Then / Next

Thirdly / Last but not the least

Finally / Lastly / In conclusion / To conclude

-Add information

What is more


Apart from (this/that)

In addition (to this)


Besides (this)

not to mention the fact that

Not only,

But / Also


With reference to, According


Because / owing to the fact that / due to the fact that / on the grounds that/ since as

In view of / Because of / Owing to

For this reason

Seeing that


thus / therefore / so / consequently / as a result / as a consequence


So as to / in order to

In case

With the purpose/intention of


Turning to

Leaving aside

In parenthesis

In summary / To sum up

In sum

in other words / that is to say

For instance / For example


So to speak / as it were


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