O que não usar no IELTS (Formal expressions to IELTS Test)

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Os testes para IELTS é aconselhavel usar palavras e expressões formais. Pretendo reunir nesse tópico os termos que podemos substituir para conseguir uma pontuação melhor.



Big = major, large (very big=huge, extremely large)

Good = impressive, beneficial, favourable

Just few = only a majority

Little = small, minor (very small=minor, barely significant, hardly noticeable)

Numbers = figures, statistics, data


Eat/Drink = consume

Had = owned, bought, consumed, enjoyed, possessed

Going to/Gonna = highly liked to

Made =  manufactured

Went to = visited, attended

Went up = rose, grow


All over the place = widespread

At the time in the table = during the period shown

Every place = everywhere/ubiquitous

Every place in the world = worldwide/globally

Every second year = Biennialy

Got better = Improved, recovered

Got bigger = Increased

Got money = earned, received an income

Got Worse = deteriorated, worsened

Got smaller = decreased, diminished, reduced

Had the same = experienced, owned the same

I can see that… = It can be observed that…/it is clear that…

is pretty much the same = virtually identical to

is quite like = is broadly similar to

It’s a/It’ll be a good thing = This is bound to be/may well b a positive development

Nearly all people = the vas majority

Was different = altered, changed

Was the same = levelled off, remained the same, didn’t change, stable

Was at its biggest = reached its high point of…, peaked at,

Went up fast = increased rapidly, jumped

Went up a lot = increased dramatically, markedly, significantly

Went up and down = fluctuated

Things are not good = the situation is unfortunate


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