• About me:
     I’m kind conservative personality and and a big child at heart. I have good sense of humor and normally dynamic, outgoing and friendly person. I’m a geek guy and Crazy for amusement parks. I love beaches, pools and spas, BBQ, parks, books chess, cards, old games (SF II, MK1, TKOF, Metal Slug, Donkey Kong) and travelling with friends or my family who I love so much.
  • Philosophizing about life:
    In my point of view, I am a simple person in this small planet. Who I don’t have any idea about the goal and I believe I will NOT understand it soon. In another hand, my conclusion about this life and this planet is to get knowledge. We should learn how much its possible. Because I believe we can just bring the knowledge from this planet.
    However, I really like the idea about “Don’t Steal”… don’t steal ideas, chances, opportunities and neither perspective of nobody.